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Las Vegas' top independent escort, Summer Woods.

Summer Woods' Las Vegas Escort Services

My services range in price from a minimum of $200 for me to come to your hotel room and go up from there depending on the time you want to to spend with me and the entertainment.

I am available to spend time with you in the Las Vegas area. I can also travel if we make special arrangements and times. In Las Vegas, an average for my time is around $600 per hour. If you want to spend a few hours, or even a full evening, naturally we can work something out on the pricing.

For travel outside of Las Vegas my time starts at $5000 an evening, plus expenses such as airfare and hotel. International travel rates start at $10,000 for the first day and $5000 for each day thereafter.

If you are worried about my coming over and us not being able to work something out, please don't worry! There's no obligation whatsoever, but I know you'll be happy when I arrive. First and foremost, keep in mind that it is me that is going to show up to see you. Many services and agencies in town use stock photos of girls who are models and do not work here in Las Vegas as an escort. The photos and videos on my site are 100 percent, absolutely me. I've paid to have them shot and/or produced and I run my own website. And there's no harm in changing your mind, either.

Some people ask if I see couples or women. While some girls might be a little uncomfortable with this, I personally am bisexual and love women, so seeing couples and women is just great with me! Don't hesitate to call. I know we can work something out.

Wild Las Vegas Bachelor Parties

I love doing bachelor parties! When we get asked to do bachelor parties, I almost always bring some friends and we have some hilarious games we like to play. If you're planning a bachelor party for your friend or if you're the bachelor himself, you definitely should call me. I won't spoil the surprises of the bachelor party but here are a few examples of what fun bachelor party games are included:

  • Embarrass the Bachelor
  • Gone Fishin'
  • Feed the Kitty
  • A Whole Bunch More hehe

If you are trying to decide what to do for your bachelor party in Las Vegas, there are some things you need to keep in mind. In Las Vegas, strip clubs are fun, but there are definite limits to what is legal and you can get away with. For instance, strip clubs in Las Vegas that serve alcohol are not allowed to have fully nude dancing, to say nothing of lap dances. If you go to a full nude strip club, you can't drink. If you go to a topless club (which most in Las Vegas happen to be) you aren't gonna get to see the "full show" so to speak, and there are hidden cameras all over the clubs watching your every move. It's true. Having a wild bachelor party in your hotel room in Las Vegas is definitely the best way to go. You can get fully nude entertainment while drinking in the privacy of your room and not have prying eyes hovering all around you. If you want to start off in a strip club then get private entertainment later, just put my number in your phone and call me and set up an appointment for later in the night!

Las Vegas Outcall

Currently I am only available to do outcall to your hotel room or residence in Las Vegas - unfortunately no incall at this time.

Call me now... (702) 858-7139

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